Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Music from Beer and Cheese Land

Episode #497 of Jet Set Planet - New Sounds from Beer and Cheese Land - heads up a double dose of JSP for your weekend listening pleasure! This episode is chock full of "new-to-me" vinyl LPs I picked up on a recent trip to Milwaukee.  Includes a nice chunk of not-so-typical Moog music.  Just press HERE to listen!  (Audio Archive available until March 6, 2015).

Plus, Episode #496 - Ripe, Ripening or Rotten: Lonnie Liston Smith takes us on a trip to Gooland -  also spends time in Brazil and includes another version of Light My Fire - this time by Woody Herman (as we build toward out All Light My Fire show on July 3).  Just press HERE to listen!  
(Audio Archive available until Feb 27, 2015).

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Be there, Aloha.

Upcoming Live DJ gigs for Glen Leslie and friends:

Saturday February 28, 1:30-430pm:  Steve Kyle from the Higher-Than-Fi Research Team and Lars Jenkins from Chalet Sounds @ Harriet Brewing  3036 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis

Every Second Saturday of the Month, Chalet Sounds with Lars Jenkins and friends at Bev's Wine Bar, 250 3rd Ave N

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