Saturday, March 29, 2014

On the Rocks!

Episode #451 of Jet Set Planet available right here: (archive available until 4/11/14)

Mint Juleps, Watusi Blues and a shortage of minis.  Holy Smokes that ice is cold!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Latest episodes of Jet Set Planet!

Action and excitement await you this weekend as TWO recent episodes of Jet Set Planet are ready for your listening pleasure.  But act fast:  the audio archives are only active for a short time - so get them while you can!  First up: Episode #450 featuring THIS LP.

(archive active until 4/4/14)

What an incredible record!  The Jan Davis Guitar and Hot Sauce surprised the hell out of me.  It was a sealed copy I picked up at Dusty Groove in Chicago for a few bucks, so I had no idea what to expect before buying it.  From the liner notes I couldn't tell if it was gonna be an uninspired Flamenco-styled guitar record from some guy who lives in the Netherlands OR if it was gonna be a strange soul/funk influenced rock record with a guy who plays classical guitar over the top of a groove laid down by some impressive session men.  I guess all you REALLY need to know is that he plays banjo on an incredibly funky, but wonderfully stiff version of Lady Marmalade.  Higher-Than-Fi APPROVED!

The rest of Episode #450 includes some deep plowing into the work of this man:

Alas Dear Listener, I promised TWO - count 'em - TWO episodes to enjoy.  Episode #449 also awaits in the KFAI archive for your listening pleasure.  This one included some people we haven't heard from in awhile: Harry Roche, Clyde Borly, Ron Goodwin (who the hell are these people???).  And we also heard from this man - Googie Rene!

(archive active until 3/28/14)
Get down on it!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Isn't that rich...

When we last saw our intrepid radio host, he was quietly enjoying the “UP with NOW Sounds” of the Anita Kerr Orchestra in the privacy of his own bedroom.  Fast forward to the Baily Building, Friday Night at 9,  and that’s where we’re gonna start, dear listener. Last night's audio archive and playlist here!  (Archive active until March 20, 2014)  

Also in Episode #448, prepare yourself for extended sets from Phil Bodner and his Brass Ring and from Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra.  Both visited our soundstage for extended-play, SuperSets (copyright JSP) of their terrific music.

Plus do the names Don, Ted, Mike, and Irving mean anything to you?  Well do they?  They don’t mean anything to me either, but they sure can Cha Cha --- I’ll tell you what, Mr. Man!

And finally before the night is through, we heard the Soft and Wicked sounds of Ronnie Aldrich and his version of “Last Tango in Paris” otherwise known as “Get the Butter.”

It’s Jet Set Planet on KFAI Radio.  Isn’t that rich…

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Vinyl Ripening Chamber - Hank Crawford

I took this album out of the Vinyl Ripening Chamber... and it's going right back in! 

I would say it needs about another year or two before it's ripe.  That said, Sugar Free is a nice track - sounding like a cop show taking place on the Love Boat.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

When Booze Disappears

If you like making cocktails like I do, you've probably run into this problem yourself: When Booze Disappears.  Now what do I mean by "disappearing booze"?  I'm talking about that special ingredient that makes a whole slew of tasty drinks possible suddenly stops showing up on the shelves of your local liquor store.  Many like-minded cocktailers, following the Lemon Hart saga, know exactly what I'm talking about.  And let's not forget about the Falernum of my youth: Sazerac.   Sure, there are substitutes, but remember: you can't spell "substitute" without spelling "sub" first - as in sub par or subhuman.

The latest booze to pull a disappearing act at my home bar is Wray and Nephew's Berry Hill Allspice Pimento Liquor.  The stuff is legendary in The Reminder Room.  Oh,  and don't get me started with St. Elizabeth's Dram.  That stuff is like a clove hammer-drill wrecking any drink it gets dropped into.   No subtlety at all.  The difference between the Wray and Nephew and the St. Elizabeth Dram is like the difference between voluptuous, erotic portraiture  enjoyed with a nip of Madeira beside the fireplace and hardcore pornography viewed in a cold, dank, slimy cement basement with your pants half-off.  No thank you.

So what to do?  Try making my own.

Dram #1

1 C sugar
1/2 C water
100 all spice berries
1/2 tsp powered all spice
Boil ingredients for 10 minutes,  let cool, add 2 oz of wray and nephew overproof rum and let sit covered overnight.

Also over night soak about 30 berries in 2-3 oz overproof rum and combine both mixtures in the morning.  Strain and add 3-4 oz of dark Jamaican rum such as Kohala Bay.  Bottle and put in fridge. With the much booze in it, I am thinking it will last awhile - at least a few months.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pour Yourself a Tall Cool One

{click link for audio and playlist}
Stop shoveling and start listening! That was my motto last week and it continues this week.  I mean at this point, with the winter we’ve had, what’s the use  Just put the shovel down and pour yourself another tall, stiff one. Time to lay around and relax. 

On this  program, we revisit with Groove Holmes and his B3 organ when he explains to us exactly why “It’s Gonna Take Some Time.”  To do what exactly? I’m not sure, but stick around to find out. 

Plus Henri Rene brings oil paintings to life when we hear from his RCA records release Passion in Paint. 

Also The Sounds of Sunshine explain their philosophy of the world by pointing out that “Love Means You Never Have to Say You’re Sorry”  - yeah right. 

And finally, before the night is through, we attend a “Group Therapy” session with a guy named Billy Strange.  Sound intriguing? Well it is.

Catch ALL the action, and some great cocktail tunes, on Jet Set Planet, Friday Nights at 9 on KFAI- your source for all things Higher-Than-Fi.