Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We Need YOU!

Ok, now before you click on a porn site, or Huffington Post, or DeadSpin to get the hell out of here, please hear me out.  KFAI is in dire need of your donations.  We are a community radio station completely separate from traditional public radio with its billions and billions.  We're the little guys who know how to curate music and present it to you in novel ways.  No machines. No robots. Real people bringing you the music they love.

Jet Set Planet is no exception. So if you like what we do up here in the Higher-Than-Fi, consider making a donation.  Your support goes directly to equipment upgrades and studio improvements.  It has a REAL impact.

Just head on over to and click on the Donate to KFAI link in the right hand corner. It's that easy.

This week's episode of Jet Set Planet - #452 "Luke Andrews, Manfred Fest, and the KFAI Spring Pledge Drive!" is now available for your listening pleasure: (audio archive available until 4/18/14)

Highlights include:
Hugo Montenegro's Lady in Cement
Herb Pilhofer's PanAm World Suite
Cal Tjader's Sunset Blvd.

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