Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Latest Juice from Jet Set Planet!

Jet Set Planet EXPLODES with TWO exciting new episodes!  (We also play for beer -scroll down for info on our live DJ gig coming up at Harriet Brewing!)

Episode #480 and #481: When Worlds Collide / A Man outside Sex World carries a Trombone

Join Elmar, who piloted the Jet, for Episode #480 - When World's Collide.
The Audio Archive for Episode #480 is available here until 10/31/14.  This episode contains all the hallmarks of a Sherwood B. Funn production, including songs about being "swaggered," folks songs about far-out folks, and Minna wo Tsunagu Mahou no Melody.

After the Elmarocalypse, please join Glen Leslie for  Episode #481 ~ A Man outside Sex World carries a Trombone.
Highlights include: a guy named Gunter who can ring a bell like your odorous, crazed uncle at a VFW rummage sale;  a Bert Kaempfert sighting (and it WILL surprise you); and the SpaceKraut of Boney M.  Audio Archive for Episode #481 ~   A Man outside Sex World carries a Trombone ~ available here until 11/7/14

PLUS: Join Glen Leslie and Drew Miller for KFAI's next installment of Vinyl Voices at Harriet BrewingTuesday October 28 from 6 to 9pm.

Harriet Brewing
3036 Minnehaha Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Come on down, enjoy the great tunes and imbibe on some of the best beer in town!

I NEED to find this LP!
I DO own this one - and it's crazy Moog-y good!
An Instrumental Love Machine (not to be confused with the Hitachi Wand)

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