Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pour Yourself a Tall Cool One

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Stop shoveling and start listening! That was my motto last week and it continues this week.  I mean at this point, with the winter we’ve had, what’s the use  Just put the shovel down and pour yourself another tall, stiff one. Time to lay around and relax. 

On this  program, we revisit with Groove Holmes and his B3 organ when he explains to us exactly why “It’s Gonna Take Some Time.”  To do what exactly? I’m not sure, but stick around to find out. 

Plus Henri Rene brings oil paintings to life when we hear from his RCA records release Passion in Paint. 

Also The Sounds of Sunshine explain their philosophy of the world by pointing out that “Love Means You Never Have to Say You’re Sorry”  - yeah right. 

And finally, before the night is through, we attend a “Group Therapy” session with a guy named Billy Strange.  Sound intriguing? Well it is.

Catch ALL the action, and some great cocktail tunes, on Jet Set Planet, Friday Nights at 9 on KFAI- your source for all things Higher-Than-Fi.

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