Saturday, March 8, 2014

Isn't that rich...

When we last saw our intrepid radio host, he was quietly enjoying the “UP with NOW Sounds” of the Anita Kerr Orchestra in the privacy of his own bedroom.  Fast forward to the Baily Building, Friday Night at 9,  and that’s where we’re gonna start, dear listener. Last night's audio archive and playlist here!  (Archive active until March 20, 2014)  

Also in Episode #448, prepare yourself for extended sets from Phil Bodner and his Brass Ring and from Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra.  Both visited our soundstage for extended-play, SuperSets (copyright JSP) of their terrific music.

Plus do the names Don, Ted, Mike, and Irving mean anything to you?  Well do they?  They don’t mean anything to me either, but they sure can Cha Cha --- I’ll tell you what, Mr. Man!

And finally before the night is through, we heard the Soft and Wicked sounds of Ronnie Aldrich and his version of “Last Tango in Paris” otherwise known as “Get the Butter.”

It’s Jet Set Planet on KFAI Radio.  Isn’t that rich…

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