Sunday, October 5, 2014

Money Feeds My Music Machine


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"You're an elf with a hyperactive thyroid."

Episode #478: "That Mutinous Half-Breed is on FIRE!"
Audio Archive available here until 10/17/14

On this week's program The Bully Boys Face Off is a steel cage grudge match when we hear from their LP The Movie Scene. Also Mr Bongo Visits the Naked City, the Jankowski Singers perform for NightPeople Only, the Brass Menagerie also wants to Touch Me – what’s with these horny horns-men – Ray Bryant is the Fox Stalker, the 3 Suns play that Happy-Go-Lucky Sound, Dave Roberts and the Comanche’s team up for "This Week in Miserlou," and before the night is through, we’ll hear a SuperSet* of the Mystic Moods and a SuperSet* of a genre of Music we like to call Horkheimer – otherwise known as Music to Hustle Stars by. 

Ready, Steady, Stop. It’s Jet Set Planet on KFAI.  Consider yourself warned.

 * copyright JetSet Planet

All the action is right here on KFAI's Jet Set Planet!

A HUGE thanks to those who pledged their support during out recent Fall Pledge Drive!  Wow - a fantastic outpouring of support.  Mucho Gracias and all that!  As we like to say in the non-profit radio world: Money Feeds My Music Machine!   And remember: anyone who donated at least 50 bucks will get the Mystic Moods Sampler that I'm putting together from my own record collection!  

Wish you could STILL get in on the action?  You can - donate here and tell 'em JSP sent you!

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